Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Rob Bell's Critics

I just got done reading a bunch of critics of Rob Bell, the teaching pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan.

Rob talks about how people are always possessed with trying to figure out who's out and who's in. I find this to be especially true of Rob's critics. One guy had written a letter to Rob, you can find a copy of it here: http://arjaystevens.typepad.com/arjays_weblog/2005/08/letter_to_rob_b.html

Lets say, I was more than disgusted with it and I'll tell ya why. This guy does not even claim to have read the entire Bible and is yet trying to school Mr. Bell who has a Masters Degree relating to the subject.

Unfortunately, my reply to the page will probably never be posted because the responses are moderated. But that is what we call life.

I do alot of research on movements, both past and present in the church, and it is always easy to find those who don't really care about the people's beliefs they are critiquing. They rarely state the other person's beliefs even close to accurately. I find it is best to read a critique that agrees somewhat and/or disagrees somewhat. They tend to be less biased, and actually seem like the person who wrote them cares about who they are disagreeing with.

I can be the most disagreeable person sometimes, but I will never discount everything a person says because of one thing I disagree with.

Be Blessed as you go out.

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