Monday, January 8, 2007

Environmental Christians

Why do many Christians not believe in global warming? Not because they don't care. Most Christians believe wholeheartedly in the teaching that we are to be good stewards of the garden God has given us. They don't believe in global warming because the politicians they elect and believe to be believers tell them not to.

There is an unfortunate belief that Republicans are also Christians. This is in many cases just not so. Look at how many Republican politicians have fallen from grace. Look at how many pastors and evangelists have fallen from grace. Christians often will believe anything said by anyone claiming to be a Christian. The sad fact is that many of these people are simply "cultural Christians" or "holiday Christians." They merely use the right jargon and support the right things in order to court the vote of the huge Christian voter base.

Meanwhile, they support industries that pollute and destroy our garden while preventing other groups trying to make our garden a more hospitable sustainable place. It is extremely unfortunate that conservatives and those supporting Christian values also have abandoned the environmental efforts to those on the left side and continued living like the earth is expendable.

I believe in the imminent Second Coming of Christ, but just as Paul said that we should not continue sinning even though we are under grace, we should not continue wrecking our garden even though we know that one day it will all burn. Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour, and in that vein, we should treat our garden like we may have to live here for a while longer, whether or not we actually will.

I think in the process, we may even reach those on the left side who think we don't care about them or the environment, and then it will be a win-win for everybody.

For Christians who like green things, I'm

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