Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Apologetics and Stuff (Fun!!!)

I used to really be into apologetics, that is the "defense of the faith." Turns out though, you have to be really careful because you can get severely legalistic and stare down your nose-ish.

Whenever you get into arguments, you always seem to be right (in your own mind) and the other person is always wrong. You have a list of verses to back up your point and obviously, their list isn't near as comprehensive or as understanding of context.

Who doesn't want to be right?

I still do believe in objective truth. But I also believe that the Word of God is alive (so to speak) and fluid as it pertains to the culture. It will always have effectiveness as a message and as the basis for a faith, but that means we have to allow it to say different things to different people.

Some believe in speaking in tongues, some believe in deliverance ministry, some think focus should be on missions, some prefer shepherding the flock. I think as long as we don't make Jesus out to be an anti-Semite (he was a Jew) white supremacist pimp, I think we are going in a good direction. What I mean to say is, major on the majors, minor on the minors, and don't tell me there aren't such things as miracles any more.

You are Loved

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