Friday, January 19, 2007

Maximize the Space.

Many of us are stuck in houses with small yards. Quite a few of us have no yards. So what do we do?

There are some real interesting sites regarding vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are grown on the faces of walls utilizing a mat of some type for the plants to take root onto. Unfortunately, there arent too terribly many of these yet, but I predict there will be, not only for looks but for food. Take a good look into these if you have some wall space and some ingenuity. Ingenuity is what feeds the world.

Another awesome idea that some use is the window box. This is very useful for people who have no yard, or even a roof. For those with a roof (flat roof), you have an especially useful space. You could raise rabbits, pigeons or chickens (check local laws) and keep an enclosed type composter. You should have plenty of space for planters and large pots where you could grow all kinds of things. Interesting fact, in Sweden I think it is, when you build a new building, you are required to replace the green space your building sits on with green space on the roof.

If you live in a basement, you are stuck in a basement, then use grow lights, they double for regular lights, and you'll be laughing when the police with the infrared cameras bust into your house and realize that those really are tomatoes.

The real thing here is that it is all up to you. You can grow food just about anywhere. And that leads to sustainability.

Still Growing,

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