Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Switch to Metric

We all know we need it, it's a better system, easier to work with, and we're the backwards ones because we're the only ones not using it. We're the bass-ackwards section of the planet, we're the Mississippi of EARTH!!!

While writing the last post I realized just how easy it is. One liter of water is a kilogram. 1000 kg is a metric ton. That's a thousand liters of water per metric ton. A liter of water is one cubic decimeter. A thousand of them is a cubic meter. There's a thousand liters of water to a metric ton which is a cubic meter of water. So simple.

There's no 4 quarts to a gallon which is 128 fluid ounces which is different than weight ounces by the way, and then there's troy ounces if you're dealing with gold, and don't forget that a gallon of water weights 8.2 lb or something. There's no 5,280 feet to a mile which is 1760 yards, each of which is three feet, or 12 inches per foot which for some reason are divided up into sixteenths?!? Don't forget about nautical miles which is some odd number over 6000 feet, because miles are different on the ocean right? Temperature is another thing, water freezes at 32 and boils at 212? I think 0 and 100 makes a little more sense. Let's not even get started with energy or force. Being an engineer and being made to remember both systems is horrible, especially when one is horrendously worse than the other, it is no small annoyance. Wait til Dr. Jong springs a kip on you.

So, I'm switching to metric (The International System of Units.) If you really need to know what quantities I'm talking about in the old archaic system, get "Units" for your iPhone. It works great.


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