Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Green Stuff

I am the new owner of a bicycle! Yes, greener than driving, faster than walking, more fun than being kicked in the butt by a bucking mule but feels about the same for the first little while.

Tip: Don't go riding when it's 28 degrees, I nearly died.

I did a bit of research, shopped around and got a Schwinn made in China. Maybe I am a capitalist at heart. Shudders.

I don't really wish I lived any closer to town, but it will take probably an hour to get to school when I can ride. The best use for it is to drive to the remote parking lot and riding the bus to school then riding the bike around there and back to the parking lot. Very handy, good excercise, convenient and saves me up to 30 minutes per day because CERTAIN BUSES ARE NEVER ON TIME AND ARE SLOWER THAN GRANDMA ON THE FREEWAY!!! (route 56) AHEM...

I'd like to convert it to electric hybrid one day so commuting is an option.

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