Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secular Christmas Music on KLRC

As I was pulling out of Encounter last night, I happened to have the radio tuned to KLRC. It seems this year, like every year I guess, they are again playing secular Christmas music alongside religious Christmas music.

I literally out loud said "what the f@$*?"

It was something like "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" or something, I don't remember. The question is what do I expect from a radio station that is "Positive and Encouraging" but apparently forgets why. They also host James Dobson's right wing demagoguery Focus on the Family show on weeknights. Go back 20 years or more and you can hear wonderful family encouraging material from Dobson. Lately, he's gone political and his message has degraded from that of teaching and helping families and parents to simple republican political intolerance.

It's Christmas and you are a Christian radio station, PLAY CHRISTIAN FREAKING CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!

I'm gonna go listen to Air America (thanks Ben. ;-)


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