Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Call for Moderation

In all things moderation, yes?

I am seeing more and more time being wasted on partisan bickering than on the real things that need fixed these days. There are more than Republicans and Democrats. There are people the world over who honestly need help.

I am a registered independent, and I really don't know who's side I am on, see if you can tell me.

I am pro environment,
pro higher taxes on the rich,
against abortion,
anti big business,
for the death penalty,
a born again Christian,
who is disgusted by both Republicans and Democrats,
I believe in Libertarian Freedom,
absolute freedom of speech,
even offensive speech,
but porn is entertainment not speech, and should not be protected thereunder,
I believe in freedom of assembly,
and freedom from permits to do so,
freedom to protest wars,
but not funerals,
I believe in the right to bear arms, without a permit,
because the government may need to be overthrown someday,
but I would never kill anyone other than in self defense, or for capital punishment,
I think all politicians should be payed exactly the median income of the country,
I deplore the idea of property tax,
I don't like subsidies to dirty energy,
I think the president should have a 5 year term, with a revote in the middle of each term so we can decide if we made a mistake after 2 and a half years instead of 4. Oh, and I think the President should have at least earned a Doctorate in something legitimate before he can get elected.

Anyway, I want to be a moderate, I want to draw people to the middle, not to follow people they think are leaders but to think for themselves. It's the truth that's at stake, not the election.


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