Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another baby dies due to Veganism

Check out this news story.

This is the second time I have seen a story like this. Last time it was a poor little kid who's little bloated corpse was found to contain nothing but alfalfa juice.

This time it was soy milk and apple juice.


That's right, soy milk and apple juice. Soy milk which has no business being in anyone's body unless they can choke it down under their own power by their own choice, and fruit juice when little babies' bodies cannot handle sugar very well.

The parents said they didn't think anything was wrong until minutes before the baby died.


The baby weighed three and a half pounds. TELL ME THAT'S NORMAL!!!!!!!!

This story disgusts me. I believe justice has been served the parents, they got life. Something their innocent baby didn't get. If I was the judge, I'd also have ordered a good strong pimp slap for both of them.

God gave you breasts mom. They're right there on your chest where God put them, so you wouldn't forget where they are! They even get bigger when you get pregnant so in case you couldn't find them before, you'll know where they are!!! Study after study after study after study proclaims the benefits of BREAST MILK! What's wrong with you LADY!!! And to the dad, you are a MORON!!! At what point COULD YOU SEE THE BABY'S RIBS??!?!?! Of course, if you are vegan, it was probably at birth.

I have nothing against vegans, I have known several, and my father is a vegetarian. But, this is unacceptable, absolutely ponderous. Forget politics, forget religion, lets pay attention to BABIES STARVING TO DEATH!!! There is a point where this kind of extremism should end, and that is right before the point where CHILDREN DIE!

BREAST MILK PEOPLE!!!!! It's good for you, it's good for the baby, it's the way God meant it to be.

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