Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sustainable Home Project

I am finally getting the chance to possibly build my own home and to incorporate the innumerable sustainable ideas I have discovered. I wish I had time to talk about them here more often, and in the future I will. They include: solar and wind power, solar water heating, radiant floor heating and cooling, passive solar heating and cooling, LED lighting, and earth sheltered design.

Unfortunately sustainable living can be expensive initially even if it does pay off in the end. It's hard to generate power without shelling out money for solar panels and the like.

I was thinking the other day about companies that take donations and invest them in renewable energy or planting trees to help offset people's carbon footprint. I think this is a great idea, and with the house I am designing, I am doing just that, plus more. My idea was that perhaps people would donate money to the project in the same way that they donate to foundations supporting trees and renewable energy. This house will incorporate trees and renewable energy as well as extreme efficiency all over. It should last for 200 years or more and in that time, will avoid all kinds of pollution and energy requirements. It will continue to be good to the world long after I am fertilizer.

It will be difficult to get any funding since no one reads this blog yet, but perhaps in the future, it will be possible.

If you should come upon this and want to help out, you can PayPal any donations to wired for stereo at yahoo dot com. Be sure to fix the email address, I had to put it in that way for anti-spam reasons.

I will soon have some details on the implements in the house design up here, so just you wait.


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