Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'll give you a Hobbit hole.

One of my co-workers was looking at my screen whilst I was researching earth sheltered homes (as I often do) and made some comment about gopher homes and how he kinda liked some of them earth huts.

Earth huts and gopher homes.

Do I look like some moron who thinks the solution is to live in a whole in the ground? Do I seem like someone who is not always on the ball of renewable energy and sustainable technology? Do I look like someone who gets my vital information from TV?

This just goes to show the prevailing attitude regarding renewable energy and sustainable living. It is in vogue to drive an SUV, dress in the hottest stuff, and hire someone else to spray and manicure your perfectly green lawn where there is as much biodiversity as at the center of the earth, plus one variety of grass. Anyone aspiring to do the kinds of things I do is a hippie. Never mind that more solar panels are sold in Japan than the US. Never mind that solar water heaters are huge business in China. Never mind that Europe has always been miles ahead of the US in wind energy. I am a sustainable living person, so I get branded as a hippie.

People need to keep their fat yap shut about things they don't understand.

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