Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to The Transition Government

When you think of "transition government" you probably think about what the president-elect does between the time he's elected and the time he's inaugurated.  And that's where I got the idea, but there's a deeper meaning.

As you may have read in the past in the subtitle of this blog, it's about the garden coming back.  My beliefs about the world, the environment, politics, and everything are based in my faith in Jesus Christ.  And my goal as a disciple of the same is to return the earth and all that dwells upon it to the state in which it was created.  It was created as a perfect garden, and my goal is to bring the garden back.

So when I say "Transition Government" what I mean is not "government in transition" as you'll see on the news, but rather "transition to a new government," or original government as the case may be.  That is not to say however that I am advocating some sort of theocracy, and I'll tell you why.  When we have theocracies on earth, God (or whoever it is) is not ruling directly, rather fallible humans are interpreting the will of God and ruling however they please.  It's about making the world a better place for all who live in it.  That is of course juxtaposed to the way it is now where most of us are unhappy because of something.

Would I like to turn this in to a run for president someday?  Absolutely I would.  But if it doesn't happen, I'll still have done my best to make the world a better place.  If you read the blog regularly, you'll notice I do that with explorations on religion and the Christian faith, environmentalism, advocation for the disadvantaged, progressive politics, and by spreading the message of all of the above.

Know this:  I always have an agenda.  I always work toward my goals at all times, whether it be in my job, at school, on Facebook, among friends or at church.  I live what I believe, and I challenge others to do the same.  I incorporate as many people as possible (those that want to.)  And I hope that if you read this, you'll dedicate your life to affecting something on a large scale too.

So, I'm changing the name of the blog to "The Transition Government."  I've also started a Facebook group under the name "The Transition Government."  If you like my ideas, please consider joining the group and contributing (ideas, or money, whatever.)


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