Monday, March 22, 2010

The Calvinist's Guide to Global Warming

I was having a Facebook flame out the other day in the comments section of a Status Update which said and I quote "IN YOUR FACE GLOBAL WARMING FREAKS" in response to a snow storm on the first day of spring.  Now I like to get into a few Facebook flameouts because as you know, Facebook is my b!tch and I like to bait people and see if I can get them to do stuff like what I'm about to write to you about.

So, the guy(who posted the status)'s mother comes on (and let me say, I like this family, and know them pretty well, but they are such staunch conservatives) and leaves the following tirade:

It's quite presumptuous to think that mere men can affect the Sovereign God's world to such a degree. God has CHOSEN to consider us eternally valuable--our significance is not innate. He will bring us down when we begin to talk like the Babel-onians :), whose pride caused them to set themselves up against an omnipotent, Creator God. Seems that the most serious impending danger lies in our moral depravity...not in our "poor stewardship" of the earth. What are your hearts like? Jesus spent His time exposing the true motives and conditions of His friends' hearts. So~with what are you filling your minds?...and eyes? and ears? What are you eating, drinking, or smoking? It is much easier to live from the outside, in, rather than from the inside, out.

God will destroy His earth, whenever He is ready. We're not that powerful.

Name-calling is inappropriate, weakens your case. Confirms the assertion than the liberal platform resorts to attacking the person, rather than stating the (known) facts.... See More

Environmentalism is a works-based righteousness religion. It borders on idolatry, gives us reasons to pat ourselves on the backs. Don't impose it on me.

American industry should behave responsibly, certainly. But China and India are some of the greatest offenders---yet the U.S. continues her martyr-like, self-punitive behaviors. (Beijing Summer Olympics 2008....and Ganges River)

Freedom>>prosperity>>jealous neighbors, who don't want our "freedom tactics" to leak out, or they'll lose power>>"U.S. is evil!!!" (= we hate them because they're prosperous)

I replied "with all due respect, that's your interpretation" because I didn't want to start a fight with her, because middle aged people in no way get what I'm doing on Facebook.  So I thought, for the benefit of those who may read this blog, that I'd explore the tirade and relate what's wrong with it, bibilcally, politically, factually, and spasmodically.

The first sentence is self defeating if you look at it long enough.  Why then is it not quite presumptuous to think that mere men can not affect the Sovereign God's world to such a degree?  Is it presumptuous to presume that I may be able to shoot someone against God's will?  And if God plans on burning the thing up anyway, (depending on your interpretation) why would we not be able to do our own fair bit to destroy it before then?  Simply saying that we are too small to make a difference does not make it so, there are nearing seven billion of us.  That's 13 people per square kilometer and 47 people per square kilometer of land or one person for every 21,277 square meters.  I don't know about you, but give me a few years, and I could tear up a 21,277 square meters if I wanted to.  That's only about five acres, I got two acres now!

And then the stuff about the Babylonians.  Am I to believe that by supporting initiatives against the destruction of the environment, I am going against God?  I believe the good book says that when God created this joint, he called it "very good." His plan of restoration is to fix what we have messed up.  The word often translated "dominion" in Genesis is better understood as borrowed or held in trust as in the parable of the talents in the new testament.

The name calling wasn't me, it was someone else.

Call environmentalism what you want, but it goes back to name calling.  And if environmentalism is a religion, so is anti-environmentalism.  And as far as imposition goes, don't impose your non caring attitude and politics on me.

If the US needs to be disciplined due to its actions, so be it.  You tell you children things like "just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you should do it," but on a national scale, I guess the ideology changes. 

And finally, the last paragraph takes the cake.  The hubris and bigotry is self evident.  The world doesn't hate us because we are prosperous, they hate us because we keep BOMBING THEIR VILLAGES!!!  And we do it in Jesus name, at least in their eyes.

I'm not in favor of protecting the environment because of some self serving pseudo religious idolatrous fervor.  I protect the environment because what you do with a gift depends on what you believe about the giver.  I love the giver, why would I not cherish the gift?  But there's this idea that God has everything under his thumb, not simply under his control, but under his thumb, that he will cause and uncause things to happen and make things go his way.  This is ignorance on the highest level.  It is more than obvious that God is not running this show.  He works in smaller more intricate ways on individual levels.  But he always allows the morons of the world to do whatever they want for a time. 

Americans are an individualistic riotous revolutionary bunch.  This is what happens when a nation starts through a revolution.  It's like hiring a worship leader who initiated a church split at a previous church.  Understand it or not, we are all here in this joint together.  A more collective goal as a people is necessary.  If you want to be a rugged individualist, please move to Wyoming.


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