Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comparing Education Levels of Pundits and Political Talkshow Hosts

So I was wondering the education levels of talk show and news show hosts.  I knew Rush Limbaugh dropped out of college, but I wanted to see the education levels of the individuals, so I looked them up.  I'll try to organize them by approximate popularity and see if I can come up with any trends.  I'll start with the Liberals, Progressives, and the like.

Rachel Maddow  Ph. D.  Politics
Thom Hartmann  Ph. D. (All Degrees Unrelated)  (Around 20 Books)
Kieth Olbermann  B. S. (3 Books)
Ed Schultz  MN St. (not sure degree)  (2 Books)
Alan Colmes  B. A. Communications  (2 Books)

Rush Limbaugh  High School  (2 Books)
Sean Hannity  High School  (2 Books)
Glenn Beck  High School  (8 Books)
Bill O'Reilly  M. P. A.  (8 Books)
Phil Valentine  High School  (2 Books)
Fred Thompson  Juris Doctor

My hypothesis was that if a host was more popular (on the right), the likelihood would be greater that they would be uneducated.  And the more popular on the left, the likelihood of higher education would be higher.  You can argue with my ordering of these people, or you can suggest that I add more, and I hope that you do, I need a more comprehensive list.  However, I am sure that either Rush or Sean is the top on the right side and obviously, it doesn't matter because they are both only educated through High School.  To be fair, they did both drop out of college.

My hypothesis does seem to be correct, at least without deeper research.  This is due to the different emphases in the way business is done in each case.  On the right, the louder, more vitriolic (but not too much) ones seem to excel, while on the left, there is the emphasis on correctly reporting and analyzing the facts.  The right also seems to try to identify with non-educated people more as well.  They tend to criticize scientists, political scientists, Arts degrees, and higher education in general.

I would just like to point out that as far as books go, Glenn Beck wrote one called "Arguing with Idiots" but it has a picture of himself on the front cover.  So, the number of books written may not be an indicator of much if you know what I mean.


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