Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Power of Renewables

Check out this picture. It shows just how much space would be needed in a desert to provide electrical power for the whole world via concentrating solar technology. Surprisingly to some, the space needed to utilize sources of renewable energy is really quite small on the world scale, the problem is moving that energy to the places where it is used.
Wind power distribution is similarly small, however, there's no one big place like a desert where one may put *all* the wind turbines. Wind resources are far more spread out.

Also, as they are now doing in California, it is economical to place solar panels on the roofs of flat roofed buildings. A store like a Walmart or something similar can produce quite a bit of power in a day. You should check out the new Sam's Club in Fayetteville AR with their innovative use of dimming lights coupled with skylights. Very seamless. All that is needed is to place solar panels between the skylights on the roof and it is a complete system.

One benefit of solar is that it can be used anywhere unlike wind and hydro. Sure, you may not get as much in Winnipeg as you do in Tucson, but you'll still get some.


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