Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

My wife thinks that now Michael Jackson is dead, he will be some sort of great icon for years and years like Elvis.

I think he'll be the fodder for pastors attempting to be culturally relevant. Here you have a guy who has had it all from the beginning, could have sat down and watched TV for a year and still made $ 75 million, and yet could not keep himself out of debt and bought lavish crap.

He was not happy with his appearance, and we all know he should have stopped after his second nose job. But he didn't. He looked like some freakish monstrosity more than a decade ago.

The subject of abuse by his father, the butt of so many jokes, with so many, so public problems. A success yet a failure. He named all three of his children after himself. Made more money than you could count in a life time, and blew it all plus more.

The real sad part though is his relationship with his father. And now he leaves his children with no father. Not that it was the worst thing that could have happened, but I don't know the family.

At least people can't hurt him anymore, and he can't hurt himself, and he can't hurt anyone else.

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