Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was watching the Daily Show and to my delight, Huckabee was on and had a debate about abortion. Please do go and see the whole thing on

The thing that struck me, and if you pay attention, it will strike you too is near the end when Jon is almost to the point of convincing Mike to agree on something and then Mike backpeddles. He falls back on the tried and true specific definition that republicans are now using for abortion. This idea relates to my concept of isms. When we are too stiff in the way we think about things, we end up playing fast and loose and skipping over important truths.

Truths like the kind of stuff I think about when I listen to abortion debates. People say that life starts at conception. But it has been discovered that up to 80% of fertilized embryos never implant in the wall of the uterus. After that, one in five pregnancies end in miscarriages. My wife just miscarried after about six weeks, what was that? If she hadn't taken a test, she would have just thought it was a late period. The thing that bugs me is that if all unborn babies go to heaven, then by the time the wicked rest of us get there, we are going to be vastly outnumbered by babies who have never even been born. Think about, if there are 7 billion people on earth today and the world ends, and lets say for argument's sake that 25% of them go to heaven, that means heaven will be populated by about 1.75 billion people and 29 billion unborn babies. That's a bit ponderous to me. Will someone please tell me how that works?

But listen, don't misconstrue what I'm trying to say. I am absolutely against abortion in all cases except for when the life of the mother is in eminent danger, but somebody's got to change some rhetoric because something just isn't working here fundamentally.

Firstly, the left and right are going to need to meet on some sort of middle ground. Humans are humans. People are never going to stop having sex out of marriage. Not going to happen. People are never going to stop having abortions, no matter how many laws are passed, it has been going on for time immemorial. So we've got to start thinking that for many people, abstinence only sex education is not the best idea. I cannot preach abstinence based on my beliefs and expect someone to be abstinent if they don't hold the same beliefs. I cannot expect anyone to do anything simply because of my superior logic. That much has been proven. I was raised in a fairly strict Seventh-Day Adventist home and church and it didn't stop me from getting laid much. I even seriously considered having an abortion if my girlfriend got pregnant, which she did, but after I had been gone for a sufficient period of time so as to erase all suspicion. She wanted to get laid more than I did, what can I say? The kid's name is Christopher by the way.

If I'm honest about my beliefs, and I am, then to prevent the most abortions, I should be handing out condoms to the people most likely not to have them when they are needed or something. Honestly, do you actually think that abortion will ever be illegalized? Further, do you ever think people will stop trying to have abortions even if they are illegal? Never happened before.

The democrats want safe legal and rare, but the republicans can't even compromise for rare. I'm not saying that even one abortion should be ok, but I'm saying that the two sides have got to start stepping toward one another. The republicans have got to stop demanding all (certainly wont settle for nothing,) and the democrats have got to start focusing on "rare."

It's a tough issue, and one that I am certainly thankful I've never personally had to face. In our culture, what would Jesus do? I don't know about you, but I don't think he'd be in front of a clinic with a sign. He might be there, but he wouldn't be yelling and he wouldn't have a sign.

One thing I can agree with Huckabee on is that shooting people is not ok. I can't say I don't believe in justifiable homicide, but I just don't think that guy in KC was justified. And really, I don't think Jesus would believe in justifiable homicide either. At least from a human perspective.

Same tired arguments?

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