Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes Yes YES!!!!

Now this is what I voted for! Obama's tax plan may come to fruition.

Remember the campaign promises, lower the taxes on people who make less then 200 grand, and raise taxes on those who make more than 250.

This begins to undo the damage that Bush did with his tax cuts for the rich, and is hopefully on the way to undoing the damage that the Reagan tax cuts did. Remember before Reagan, the top marginal tax bracket was taxed somewhere on the order of 70%.

The good and bad: Obama may have trouble getting reelected if he raises taxes, the Republicans have this habit of duping the commoners into believing that tax cuts for the rich are a good thing. However, with the economic problems following the Bush years of tax cuts, people are seeing the problems. Jon Stewart is pointing out the hypocrisy in it. We all know Jon Stewart has more pull any of the other talking heads.

Hopefully, this will restart the trend that followed the Great Depression. The have nots realized that the key was taxing more the people who have more money. That tax policy is what made America great, and the reversal of that policy is what made America what it is today, just good. I hate to use the "S" word, but the best tax policy is one that leans just a bit more in the social direction.

And for those of you who use the word "capitalism" too much, remember, this country was founded on the principles of democratic rule, not capitalism. Don't confuse the two. Capitalism is not what makes our country great.



David said...

Capitalism is not what makes our country great?! Ah the old history must repeat itself scenario. Please go and find a Russian who lived under the old Communist central rule government and see what their experience will tell you of that system. Like most Liberals you have cause and effect mixed up. You see one thing, lowered taxes on the rich, and the economy get worse and you equate these two events as the source and result. You don't see, because you don't want to, government taxing and regulating businesses and the general populace into oblivion. You see the war in Iraq but you forget that the government spent and is still spending unbelievable amounts of our money there and in Afghanistan. You know that oil prices and gas were high but you don't see the impact it has on our economy overall, only on your pocket book. You think you know capitalism and that it doesn't work but we haven't had true capitalism in this country for over 2 generations and that is why this country is in trouble and that is why Obama and his advisors can't fix it because like you they don't know what's broken.

WiredForStereo said...

I'd like to get something out in the clear. Conservatives are always going to be irrelevant as long as their favorite insult is "you liberal." That's like saying "you conservative." Think about it.

Secondly and emphatically, I'm not a liberal. Just not.

Thirdly, the next step from capitalism and democracy is social democracy, then democratic socialism, then socialism, then somewhere down the line is communism. What you suggest as a counter to my statement is what is called a "straw man." Look it up.

Fourthly, I am against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Check my history.

Fifthly, when Reagan dropped the tax rate on the rich from 70% to 30% he made a huge step toward true capitalism. I can only be thankful he didn't get some sort of "flat tax." That huge step has taken us miles down the path to poverty of the masses.

Sixthly, Jesus told me to help the poor. It is my pocketbook that must suffer and I am willing to be responsible for my part. It is only thinking about my own pocketbook that is what capitalism is all about. I lean towards being a reformed capitalist. I choose to use the beast as a beast of burden to help the least of these, not as an attack dog to do my bidding, until it turns on me.

Seventhly and finally, I fully understand cause and effect. Lower taxes on the rich, add to the ranks of the poor. Lower regulations on business, they will kill the poor with toxic chemicals. Class warefare has already been won, by the rich. Ask Warren Buffet.

What's your solution? Tax cuts? I think that's been done. It doesn't seem to have helped much of anything. In fact, there are more poor people now than when this great conservative experiment began, I'd say that's a step in the wrong direction. That's cause and effect.