Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Opportunities: Ice Storm

We had a bit of an ice storm lately, and it got me to thinking about something. I am presented (as are you) with all sorts of opportunities. Our lives are a series of opportunities that we either capitalized upon or ignored. So I thought I'd start a new series about opportunities that are presented to me in my life. The ice storm was one of them. But first a few pictures

The beehives were undisturbed, but the trees did some interesting things. They are standing up now.

My cherry trees had the hardest time, two others were completely broken off to a 10 foot tall stump.

My home built tomato cages.

The front yard is a mess. Look through the car port, you can see my apple tree. Despite being nearly destroyed by two different fellings of branches, it survived relatively unscathed.

My awesome manly truck.

Here's the opportunity. The older wood came from my property, the younger wood, all of it came from wood I either cut or just picked up after the ice storm.

J Dizzle's backyard...

The stump to that oak tree yielded all this sweet sawdust for my sawdust toilet. Active bin is on the left.

This is the wood pile from a different angle. Excellent opportunity to pick up a bunch of sweet firewood. And I took it!


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