Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comment on Treehugger

I was browsing treehugger.com and came across a post that had a poll asking if belief in evolution was a prerequisite for being an environmentalist. Fortunately, "no" is winning. In the comments section, there was a bit of back and forth with religion and evolution and environmentalism. This was my comment.

As a "religious" person, I find my faith bolsters my environmentalism. I also see no need to believe in evolution to care for the environment. In fact, my belief in God, and that he created the universe, leads me to be more careful about what I do with it. What you do with a gift is the biggest evidence of what you think about the giver.

This is something that many environmentalists miss when "evangelizing" the religious. Instead of drawing lines and taking sides, invade the world view of the religious person. There is plenty to say in the Bible about caring for the environment. Heaven is a picture of perfect environmental stewardship. Instead of trying to appeal to science and evidence, appeal to what the person is already supposed to believe according to his or her own religion. You may not get them to care for the earth for your reasons, but isn't it better that they care for the earth no matter the reason?

Pragmatism people.

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