Friday, July 3, 2009

Honey for Sale!

Just harvested honey, I have 37 pints for sale at $6 each, and 16 quarts available at $10 each. Some are already reserved, so get some.

This is all natural organic honey, made in hives never treated with any chemical, pesticide or essential oil. I know of nowhere where you can get this excellent honey for this sweet price. You can get great organic honey in NW Arkansas, but not at this price, and you can get stuff at better than this price, but not organic and all natural. You don't know where that Walmart crap has been, but if you come over to my place, I'll show ya where I got mine! It's out in the backyard! I'll even let the bees sting you that made your honey, if you really want. You could do that!!! Can't do that at Walmart.

Check out my beekeeping blog at this link.

Bringing the best of both worlds!

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