Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't Speak Badly of the Dead

I've noticed a number of times how people seem to put on rosy colored glasses about someone when they've died.

Growing up, my mom had some friends who were a couple, were married at one time, and the guy was all kinds of bastard. He was a drunk and was mean and all that. He died in a car accident and his ex-wife starts crying "we were gonna get back together" and other such nonsense. And I'm standing there going "the guy beat you, what are you doing?"

So now Michael Jackson dies and the same thing goes on. Now I understand Paris is a little girl and all, but think about this. She said "daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine."


I'm sorry, I don't buy that for a second. Even with my father's faults, I'm pretty damn sure that he was a better dad than Michael.

All this publicity, all the hype, the coverage on TV. What utter nonsense. The man was a loon. He lied to everyone outside every chance he got. He owned his own little theme park. He liked to touch little boys, and if he didn't, he was sure damn suspicious about it which makes him stupid. He had a secret compartment in his bedroom with extra security and stuff. He slept with a chimpanzee. He was rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams and couldn't keep hold of it. He was addicted to prescription drugs and likely died from them. He grabbed his crotch alot. He named all three of his kids after himself, and called one of them "Blanket." And for the love of all things good and precious, look what he did to his face!!!

Why is everyone celebrating his life like he was some kind of hero? He was a nut job, and smart parent like I am, I wouldn't have let any of my children go near him.

He's just dead, and you will be too some day.

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