Sunday, November 2, 2008

Movie Review of "W."

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My wife is out of town so I went to see W. (it's pronounced dubya) this evening. I'll tell you now that this isn't a comedy unless you are a Left Wingnut, (I mean like the kind you only see on YouTube) and you'd be surprised how even handed it can be at times.

The main thrust of the story is the runup to the Iraq invasion, and that story is interspersed with scenes stretching all the way back to W's days in Yale. It casts Colin Powell in a good light, even before he came out in support of Obama. There have been some criticisms of the relationship shown in the Bush family, but those aren't the parts I'm interested in anyway.

The parts I am interested in are the parts depicting the Iraq stuff and W's relationship with God. I am a Jesus Freak, and as such I cannot judge whether or not God really called W. to be president as he says He did. I can at certain points doubt whether we worship the same God or not by what that deity tells us.

It's my conclusion that Dubya isn't a bad guy, as many of us now see him. He's just one of those people you know who doesn't belong in the job they have. In his case, his job is so involved that he needs all these advisors and because he really doesn't know what he's doing, his advisors run amuck. He's a smart guy, person to person say, but not like running a country. He'd probably be a great Xerox copier salesman. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

I don't think that history will look favorably on W. The stuff many were excited about him doing and being didn't turn out to be the things we were excited about. His faith based initiatives were a fantastic idea, but he's not done much with them. Hopefully Barry can follow through on his plans for them. And the war as everyone now knows was waged under false pretenses. There were no WMD's, and no Al-Qaeda, but there sure are now.

Good movie if you are interested in such things, I give it a 7/10. Hopefully it comes out on DVD before W. is president no more.


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