Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Aftermath

I'm going to guide this post with things I've actually heard people say, mostly people I know personally. I'll start with the election itself. I was mentioning how it seemed that it was always the more disadvantaged people, inner city and the like, who where always getting the short end of the stick as far as standing in line to vote goes. The person I was talking to actually said that maybe it's because the democrats are too stupid to figure things out. Now this is the type of thing that this whole post will be about. People who claim to be Christians are trashing people not "like them."

Facebook was the site Tuesday night for people to flame on. Understand that virtually every friend I have on Facebook is a Christian and most attend my church.

The following are Facebook status updates from people on my friend list. Each and every one of these people claims to be a Christian as far as I know, and most attend my church. Spelling is uncorrected from the original.

hopes that the majority of America has some sort of inteligence and voted for McCain.

is braceing herself for America's downfall.

OH MY FREAKIN FACE. I pray that Obama gets NOTHING done as president. Wow, I kinda want to hurl now.

thinks that the outcome of the election is Dumb!!!!!

is very excited about the christian faith right now. apparently i'm going to hell because i like obama... interesting and unfortunate.

is grieving for America...she (America!!) desired "change" rather than mercy and godliness. We have opened a dangerous door.

is hopeful that our new president will help bring about some much-needed change.

will just have to trust GOD through all this.

is hoping that people will stop being stupid about the election. yes, obama won. glory to God we live in a nation that can pick its leaders. glory to God.


is why does everyone think i like obama???.......i freaking don't! obama can eat my tots.

is curious and optimistic about where our new president's rhetoric actually meets the road...

can see the headlines now "Obama bans Amish People".

I want you to go back in your mind to all the stump speeches and especially the concession and acceptance speeches Tuesday night. Tell me, at which party's events was there consistent booing and jeering? At which events were there things shouted like "kill him" and the like? Which party currently lays claim to the Evangelical Christian vote?

If I weren't such a follower of Jesus, I'd stop calling myself a Christian. It is one thing to disagree with someone, even vehemently so, but boos, insults, and jeers are inappropriate for anyone, much less a Christian. There is no excuse for this. How are we supposed to live for the world to see Jesus if we respect our opposition less than Jesus would? How are we supposed to stand out as examples of righteousness if the only difference between us and them is that we are more spiteful, that our political rallies are dens of anger and vitriol? This election cycle has served to do nothing if not push me further from the right.

One of my extended family members spews bigoted nonsense about Obama's muslim connection (you know what I mean.)

A University of Arkansas poll showed that 20% of Arkansans believed Obama is a Muslim, and a Texas poll showed that number at 23%.

I never supported Obama, I thought he was the best guy for the job, if not the only guy I didn't want to not have the job. I did vote for him, though. I defended him against lies as I would have done if for instance someone accused McCain of having an interracial love child like they did in 2000. But I didn't see many lies spread about McCain. My goal is truth, I don't sign on to the movement of anyone but Jesus. In four years, I'll vote for the best guy for the job, not Obama, unless he ends up being the best guy for the job at that time. Just like this time, I'll vote for the guy who I think best represents my views.

But again, it's the stuff done and said by people claiming to be Christians that bugs me, I mean really bugs me. If you have a conscious at all, you have got to step back and look at what went on this election cycle. Take a step back and look at the issues Jesus cared about. I hear all the time that the moral issues are abortion and gay marriage. Jesus never mentioned them. I could care less who marries who. Why would I vote for a candidate or law wishing to ban gay marriage when I believe that marriage is between you and God, not the law. Why would I seek to interject the government into something that belongs to God? And with abortion, 75% of women that have abortions do it because they don't think they can afford a child. So why don't we solve that problem instead of trying to make the result illegal? Jim Wallis always says, why do we keep swatting the mosquitoes instead of draining the swamp? How long are we going to keep pulling bodies from the river before we go upstream and find out who's throwing them in?

What did Jesus care about? He mentioned the poor an awful lot. And what sorts of things help the poor: a progressive tax rate, health insurance, tax breaks for people who work (I mean physically) for their money, higher minimum wage, environmental controls, and faith based initiatives. That's why I voted for Barack Obama, because he says he represents the people Jesus cared about, and he has a record to prove it.

You can disagree with me if you want, but please, don't call me or anyone else names or spew insults, it's not what Jesus would do.

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