Thursday, June 7, 2007

Plastics from Potatoes.

Yes, YEs, YES!!!

This is what we need. Current plastics, made from oil, have limited ability to be recycled. Check that coke bottle you are nursing, it's probably only 10 to 15% recycled material. That's because that's all you can put in a bottle without sacrificing the quality.

So, if we have completely recyclable, and even biodegradable plastics made from crops grown on our soil, I don't see how we can lose. Our current recycling program is not very useful when it comes to things like paper and plastics. Often, more pollution is created in these processes than would be created by making new stuff. That's why I "biorecycle" paper by composting or using it for mulch instead of throwing it away or recycling it.

I just replanted some potatoes yesterday, but I'm sure those are for eating.

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