Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Michael Crichton and Others Debate Global Warming

Check out this NPR piece.

Just interesting that at the end of the debate, more people were convinced that Global Warming was not a crisis.

One of the things that turn me off to the global warming debate is how the global warming people consistently argue based on how bad it will be, flooding, weather, disease, and not on whether or not things are true.

Flooding: In the past 40 years of warming, the ocean level has not risen, and ice packs have increased in places where the precipitation lands.

Weather: Warmer means less temperature differential which is what drives weather, therefore, less extreme weather.

Disease: The worst malaria epidemic ever was in Siberia. Check out the mosquito population in Alaska.

Instead of focusing on Global Warming, we need to focus on real issues. Pollution is still a problem, acid rain is still a problem, we need to stop the wholesale dumping of nutrients down the sewers and streams and conserve them to grow food, energy usage is still a problem, herbicide and pesticide use is still a problem, genocide in Darfur is still a problem, dwindling oil supplies are still a problem, cutting down trees is still a problem, paving over farmland with houses is still a problem, and finally, world hunger and disease is still a problem.

Sustainable living entails living sustainably. Sustainability is not having 30,000 people die of starvation a day. It's not disease, hunger, and genocide. It's not having no access to clean water for two billion people.

Even if the worst of the global warming predictions come true, the human race will not die out, we will still be here plugging along, even if there are fewer of you.


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