Friday, January 22, 2010

The Pull

I'm struck by the tone of my posts of late.

Lately, many of my posts have been related to my faith, and often connected to politics.  My faith is very important important to me and really informs everything I do, including my politics.  But politics are such a divisive issue leading me do to things I'm not normally prone to do, like forget about my roots in this blog.

For instance, when I merged my two blogs to create this one, I merged a blog about religion with a blog about sustainable living, but in the process, sometimes I lose track of one or the other and tend to focus to heavily on one at the expense of the other.

I was just thinking about passive houses for instance.  Why haven't I blogged about passive houses lately?  They are the future of housing and really a fantastic solution to many of our energy problems.  Why haven't I blogged about my favorite energy source, wind power, lately?  Most of my posts are rants about something conservatives or Christians, or conservative Christians are doing that I don't think meshes with what Jesus wanted them to do.

And it's hard not to, I listen to progressive talk radio on my phone, NPR or conservative talk radio in the car.  I would listen to NPR more, but they play music half the day.  I don't like to listen to music on the radio, they don't play the songs I want to listen to.  I quit listening to KLRC because they play secular Christmas music, and Air1 doesn't play around here much to my dismay.

Politics are so depressing.  I fall probably a bit left of many democrats, bordering on socialist and definitely progressive.  But to me, that's inevitably where my beliefs in Jesus lead me.  I know that's a foreign concept to some people, but especially here in the south, people just don't understand.  I live in one of the most churched areas in the country, but with few real Christians it seems.  Of course, that concept falls under my definition.  Why can't anyone understand that there's no room in the Bible for "God and Country."  It's just God!

And with so little room for blogging anyway because of school, it's hard to gather my thoughts for anything that doesn't just straight out piss me off.  It's hard to sit down and develop the material I need to type up a good post with reasoned arguments and interesting prose.  There's a list of about a dozen topics to write about in my iPhone, but most of them I can't remember what I was thinking, and the rest are six months old.  The fire kinda goes away after a while.  Some of them I think I wrote about, but I'm just not sure.

And finally, very few people really read this blog anyway.  I mean, no one sits down and reads for the reading.  No one encourages me at all.  I have eleven followers, but the vast vast majority of the hits and comments I get come from people trying to find out what the most accurate Bible translation is.  Praise God for Jehovah's Witlesses right?  No one really cares about what I really care about.

So I guess the point to this is that I want to do more environmental stuff.  I am in school to be an environmental engineer after all.  I'm very in to the idea that "God is green."  But environmental issues are kinda hard to really get fired up about especially when there's health care, corporate personhood, and most of all, you're just too tired.

Maybe my purpose is too broad.

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