Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Edible Bibles.

Treehugger (treehugger.com) just posted an article about a church that has sent 600 solar powered audio Bibles to Haiti.

You might think "Solar powered audio Bibles, great idea, and green too." But remember, Haiti just had a massive earthquake and what people need right now is food, shelter, and medical care.

This particular operation was done very poorly if the secular environmentalists are picking up on it. Ask a non-believer what they would expect of a true Christian and it'd be my bet that they'd expect us to help the poor and to shine in terrible situations like the one in Haiti. Ask a non-believer what they see in the Christians they see before them now and you'll get some variation of "self-righteous" which is what they see when they hear that six hundred solar powered audio Bibles are being sent to a country where 100,000 people are dead and more are dying every day due to injuries.

My friend Mark and I came up with a new take on an old proverb. Remember "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime." Mark and I added this to that same proverb: "But while you're teaching him, give him some fish because he's hungry." Sure, this directly applies to food, but what about the spiritual applications? You cannot clearly communicate the gospel to someone who is dying of starvation or gangrene. You must bring a state of healing to the body before someone will accept healing of the mind, and more importantly, the two are not just sequential, but interconnected.

If you are going to send Bibles to a disaster area, send food FIRST! If people tear through a pallet of food and find a few Bibles in it, when they are done eating, they might listen to the Bibles. If they tear through a pallet of Bibles, and find no food, they're likely to be angry. The Bibles may go to waste.

How we interact with the world is almost as important as the message we bring to them. If we do not communicate the message in a way that people will be willing to listen to, the message will not be heard.

There's a reason non-believers think so poorly of us, it's because we're doing a poor job.

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