Monday, October 20, 2008

All American Gettin' Whatcha Deserve, Joe the Plumber.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today as I often do to remember why I'm not a conservative and he was whining about what has happened to Joe Wurzelbacher, the guy who caught Obama at a photo op, and who ended up winning the last debate, or so I hear. Not sure how that happened, I don't think he was there.

Anyway, El Rushbo was whining about how Obama's people had torn ol' good American worker Plumber Joe a new one.

Well, I'm a firm believer in getting what you pay for, when you stick something in where it don't belong, yer liable to get it slapped or chopped off, know what I mean? You should know I get that from a Biblical perspective, read Proverbs, it's in there all over, the stuff about fools.

So Joe catches Barry and says something like "I'm gonna buy a business that makes $250,000, and your tax plan is gonna tax me more, huh?

Well, there he went and stuck his nose out there with a loaded dishonest question, and it's his own fault that he got burned. Turns out, Mr. Joe doesn't make that much now, nor has he ever, nor does the business it turns out he's not buying, nor will it ever, and wonder of wonders, he has a lien against him for unpaid income taxes in the past. Additionally, he asked a loaded question, because as everybody who has done tax stuff for their own business (as my wife I and have,) you gotta make substantially more than that much to get taxed for that much because of all the deductions you get to take, so even if this imaginary business does make that much, he won't be paying those taxes, because after deductions, he'll be well under that.

What is making me scratch my head is that McCain responded to Obama's tax proposal with "40% of American workers don't pay taxes so how can they get a tax cut." Wait, wait, wait. What it is that you are telling me right here, your response to the other guy's idea is that 40% of the workers of our country are so poor, poor to the point where they don't have to pay taxes? Is this something you're proud of? You can't give tax cuts to the poor because they don't pay taxes because they don't make enough because your Reaganomics plans have shifted the wealth to the rich? So the rich deserve tax cuts because you gave them the money with which they pay taxes? Did I miss something? So spreading the wealth is in some way worse than what you've done which is spread the poverty?

Let me do a few calculations.
Progressive thinking = Spread the wealth. =>Let everyone make money.
Reaganomics = Spread the poverty. => Let those who have money make money. Those who don't, we'll just pacify by telling you that all the money you're giving us will ensure that you have a job, low paying as it may be. But actually, we don't really care if you have a job or not, but we really do like the extra money.

Since the Reagan presidency, wages of workers have stagnated (adjusted for inflation.) We know where wages for CEO's have gone. And who are we gonna give the tax cuts to?

I know one thing, God (at least in Biblical times) has a record on being on the side of the poor.

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