Friday, September 19, 2008

Who Am I Voting For?

Oh, yes, it's the long awaited election post.

Now before I do this, I want to make a few thing perfectly and absolutely clear. First, I am not supporting any candidate. That's right, I don't have a horse in the race. My dog's not hunting. I am merely voting for one dude over the other. Second, I am not voting based on any sort of spurious parameter such as things like Obama's a Socialist (you know who you are) or McCain is a warmonger. This decision, finalized just this morning and still subject to reconsideration is made based on very finite and factual parameters.

Parameter number one: Taxes. John McCain's tax plan includes tax cuts for everyone, Obama's plan calls for tax increase for the top 20%, and cuts for everyone else. Under McCain's tax plan, the top .1% of tax payers would get a tax cut of $140,000, while the bottom 20% would get a cut of only $19. For the all important middle class, of which I am part, McCain would give me approximately $319 while Obama would give me $2136. Tax policy is an extremely important issue, and I will not vote for another person who gives the biggest tax cuts to the people with the most money. In fact, I'll not be voting to anyone who offers tax cuts to the wealthy. It is simply wrong to shoulder more of the burden on the people less able to carry it, that's Biblical.

Secondly, the economy. John McCain is by default, by his own words, against regulation. We all know what money will do when you let it loose, we've just seen that. Money only cares about money.

Lastly, I don't believe we should have a former soldier in charge of the military. That's like leaving a militant terrorist in a van full of dynamite in the middle of Manhattan. You're asking for trouble. Military men need to take orders, not be the ones watching over "the button."

I'd love to hear some feedback on this one. Remember, these arguments are based on pure factual information. Tax plans, regulatory opinions, and former soldierhood are not up for debate, these things are facts. Based on the the FACTS, I have made my decision.



wentzr said...

Hey there, I'm new to your blog, I keep my own blog and have just recently started digging to find other people talking about the same thing I am, and I'm really interested by what I've found.

Regarding Taxes, Yes, you're fundamentally correct. According to the data I've been able to find in my searching, Obama will be raising taxes for the top 5%-3% tax bracket. I posted two charts on my blog just yesterday showing the data I've found from the US Census Bureau and The Tax Policy Center. I'd post the charts here, but my blog is just over at

I think there are many reasons why at this point Obama's tax plan makes a lot more sense for America. It lowers the steep divide that economically makes it extremely difficult, especially in today's turbulent economy for the middle class to be able to afford to climb the ladder. Let's face it, empowering our middle class (which takes up more than 50% of America's population) with the ability to more easily contribute to our job market, our tech industry, our energy industry is, as i tend to put it, watering the beds of innovation. This will promote competition and new ideas coming from more than half of the American population which have previously been completely shut out from the economic capability that is necessary to invest in their given trade enough to make their contributions be made.

I think you make a good point about McCain's military background. Largely I agree. I feel McCain has a chip on his shoulder and is stripped of the ability to make sound judgement when it comes to handling foreign affairs, which I feel become obvious when looking closely (or even distantly) at McCain's rhetoric towards Russia and Putin for over a year. I agree with your McCain in a van in Manhatten analogy, but from where I'm standing, it's more than dynamite he's got there with him.

You might be interested in stacking McCain's US Senate record against Obama's.. I did an analysis of this also on my blog and was shocked what I found, contrary to McCain's attempt to paint Obama as a "do-nothing-senator".

Anonymous said...

well, you know who I am, so you will know who this is... perhaps...
I think, based on the FACTS, or my "spurious parameter" as you put it, that Obama is still a socialist draped in a democratic sheep's clothing... THERE. I've seen his voting record... if you can even call it that being that he mainly voted 'present' when he took the time to commit to anything. I've already forgot the rest of what you have said, I was too side tracked about the above comment! :) I remember it was interesting though, however much I disagree with you on a lot of other things... (cue our conversation Tuesday) you still have a lot of good things to say!

seriously though, look up and write a blog on nationalized health care, but take into consideration the SIZE of the countries being compared. Laters, the kid is trying to kill himself in the johnny jumper