Thursday, September 4, 2008

Somebody Stole my Hammock!

I was out surveying the damage from hurricane Gustav today and the first thing I noticed was that I live on an hill in Arkansas, and thus I remembered that our thunderstorms often make Gustav look like getting peed on by a toddler from an overhead balcony. I doubt even a leaf was disturbed from any one of my sensible number of trees.

Secondly, I noticed that my Honduran hammock was missing. It was back in the trees, the only way you could see it was from the driveway of the neighbors who live behind us. I bought that hammock when I was in Honduras on a agricultural mission trip a few months ago. I am supremely bummed out. This marks the second time in as many falls that I have had something stolen, last time it was a quite large watermelon (the one I got to keep was 42 lbs.)

Who is stealing my stuff? And why don't the go for the more expensive stuff like the air compressor or the chainsaw? Who would walk onto my property and steal a freaking hammock for crying out loud. I feel violated. Like somebody sneaked in and put my boxers on their head.


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