Saturday, May 3, 2008

Earnhardt Jr. Doesn't Win..........Again

If you pay attention, you already know that I watch NASCAR, and this isnt about that, it's about Wikipedia. Kyle Busch and Dale got together and Dale was in first, and Dale got wrecked, and now everyone hates Kyle, maybe he did it on purpose, but probably not. Anyway, I just happened to find this little paragraph in Busch's Wikipedia article, mere minutes after the race. I'll post it here for posterity sake because it sure won't be on Wik for long. Busch's teammate Hamlin stopped on the track to cause a caution which also had a negative effect on Jr. Hamlin was held for two laps for that. Anyway, here's the quote.

"On May 3, 2008 Kyle Busch turned into Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who was leading the race, and caused Earnhardt to back his car into the fence. He obviously hit Dale Jr. as a last ditch effort to win the race, which failed miserably because the #8 of Mark Martin kept him away from the leader. The night before Steve Wallace did nearly the same thing to Busch in the Nationwide Series race and became heated after the race, calling Wallace immature. Moses should burn this shrub for his actions at Richmond."

So, this shows a problem with Wikipedia, but it will be cleared up soon, it's the nature of the thing.


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