Saturday, May 17, 2008

5000 Hits and Counting.



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Old Pete said...

I found your site by googling "The Shack". I liked what you had written and I've spent quite some time looking through some of your material.

There's something special there although I'm puzzled by the lack of many comments.

When I was 14 I walked away from Sunday School because I thought that the teaching I received about the trinity was absolute rubbish. I've attended 'church' regularly for almost 50 years now but until I read "The Shack" I've never really had a faith to share, even with my own children. That has all changed now, but why did it take 57 years?

We are all on a unique journey - and my journey has at times been rather lonely especially when, as a friend suggested recently, the pastor of the church I attend with my wife, finds my beliefs threatening.

The church in question is the Worldwide Church of God - and yes I have seen your SDA background.

I don't have any contact with younger people - are you interested in sharing some thoughts?

My blog is an introduction to my web site.