Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Cable

We subscribe to cable internet without having cable TV service. In the last few weeks or so, our cable internet connection has gotten steadily worse until the day before yesterday when it just quit. My wife works from home so naturally an internet connection is a pretty heavy necessity. She called the company, and they sent someone out to fix it, and he told her that there was something that died out on the pole, and he had to install a signal booster or something and he apparently took off our filter which filters out the basic cable TV channels.

So now we have free cable.

Now being a moral being as I am, this vexed me. The dude told us that we could have free cable, but the cable company considers it theft. Theft is wrong, a sin. A Jesus Freak should not be a habitual sinner, like when you watch a TV that has service you didn’t pay for.

Additionally, I don’t want to pay $50 for basic cable TV service.

So, what to do.

Anticipating the digital TV switchover, we had planned on buying a receiver box because our receiving of broadcast television has been less than crystal clear, and I like NASCAR and the Daytona 500 is coming up and I like to be able to tell the cars apart.

So, what to do?

After a bit of prayer, I decided that we’d take the simple route and erase off our TV all the cable channels, because I don’t want TV at all much less cable, but my wife does and as the head of the house, I thought it best not to disrespect God, receiving stuff I am not paying for.

The thing that makes it so hard is this is like the perfect crime. No one knows or cares. There is nothing the cable company can do about it because they cannot provide us satisfactory internet service without the extras.

I have asked a lot of people about this dilemma, and have gotten widely varying answers from people I consider very spiritual and in tune with God’s will. Actually most people after a bit of thought said they’d have to suspend judgment.

Bottom line, everyone knows it is wrong, it is just that many people make justifications for it. But ultimately, I won’t have to answer to the cable company, I’ll have to answer to God. And God can do stuff to you the cable company only wishes they could.



The Clarks said...

how are you going to resolve this? If they can't give you good internet w/o giving you cable, it's not your fault. the cable REPRESENTATIVE did this. I must be a bad person, but if a cable guy did it and knew about it, and they can't do one without the other than.... well, like I said, I must be a less-than-moral person b/c I'd have no problem watching cable. ;)

WiredForStereo said...

I really can't make that judgment for you. The cable guy shouldn't have told us that it was even available, and he'd likely get fired if his supervisors found out he was telling people. That makes him the bad guy, not me. I don't have to sink to his level, and I personally don't need the additional drain on my time that cable is. Sure, I love The Daily Show, Discovery, History, etc. etc. channels, but in my view, I haven't paid for them, they are not mine to have. It is like a neighbor with a peach tree right over the property line, and no matter how much I love peaches, if the neighbor says I can't have any, it doesn't matter if he never eats a single peach and they all rot on the ground, they are not my peaches.

WiredForStereo said...

Like the Bible says, each must make up in his or her own mind what is right and wrong. I would never say you are an immoral person because you disagree with me, especially on such a debatable issue. From my perspective, this was just something that would not leave me alone, so I had to make a decision.

Chet said...

No broadcast or cable TV at all in my home since 1993. Philippians 4:8 was the verse that led me to this decision - too much badness on TV. So if it's not on DVD or the xbox, you get a blue screen at my house. We have cable internet, and may have 'free' cable too, but I've never hooked up the coax to a TV set to find out. All my single friends told me I'd never find a woman willing to live in a home without TV, but I've been married over 12 years so far...

WiredForStereo said...

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."

I wish it were no cable or broadcast tv in the house, but I do like NASCAR which I think is decent wholesome fun. It is the only sport that gives TV time to prayer. But generally speaking, I watch little TV, mostly just news and America's Funniest Videos, and once and I while I'll watch something my wife is watching.