Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breif: Why would someone vote for Barack Obama?

After all, he doesn't have a whole lot of experience, not a long track record, no experience in foreign policy.

Oh wait, that's why.

No experience, track record or any of that.

Been thinking lately, and it really is all about change.

We know what we'll get from Clinton, failed health care. We know what we'll get from McCain, more war. We don't exactly know what we'll get from Obama, so instead of getting more of the same, people want change. They've been driven to the point where they just want something different and they don't care what it is, as long as it's different. It really is sad that American politics has come to this.

It's like a college student saying "I've eaten enough ramen noodles, I want friggin' something else!!! Dirt, or cabbage or gasoline or veal or tin foil, I just want something else.

And you know what, I'll say it right now, so do I.

P.S. This blog still doesn't endorse any candidate and definitely not Clinton or McCain.


The Clarks said...

the people that follow Barack are just that- "Followers". They seem to have more passion and a faith like devotion to him than the other "supporters" of the other canidates. Don't really like any of the canidates, but don't like him either.

WiredForStereo said...

Like I said, it has come to the point where people will just vote for something different. Doesn't matter what it is.

However using pejoratives for Obama's supporters is not a good idea. The only thing he has going for him is what he has to say, he's not the first presidential candidate with no experience. Most of those types in the past have been quite popular presidents, and also assassinated which is a future post.

WiredForStereo said...

Another thing, what ever happened to just voting for the Christian candidate? Now they all claim to be Christians. Oh well.