Thursday, December 20, 2007

The North American Union

My friend sent me a link to a YouTube video that was talking about the supposed North American Union.

I replied and said that it was a simple conspiracy theory, she sent me a few replies that she had recieved from other people and told me that she was trusting Jesus, here was my reply.

I understand your fear regarding issues such as this, and that person whose reply you sent me was right, but not about what she was talking about. American's aren't told the real truth regarding world events.

The following are established facts, not conspiracy theories like the North American Union. There is documentation. There are books, and not those of conspiracy theorists. There are names, dates, and times. These things happen.
FYI, here are some truths you likely do not know.
The US has overthrown the governments of in the range of twenty countries since Hawaii in the 1890's. The vast majority of them were democratically elected governments who simply wanted control of their own country's resources. An economic giant like the US cannot allow other countries to control their own resources.

Because of said regime changes, the US has caused untold damage and destruction in the way of civil wars in foreign countries. Perhaps the greatest of these is the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 which has resulted in what we now call "Islamic Extremism" and "The War on Terror." All because the US overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister.

Every time there is a world economic summit, the US comes out billions of dollars ahead. Those billions of dollars come from somewhere. Where? From poor nations who cannot afford to lose business from the US, and must accept less and less money and control of thier country as the cost of doing business. And their cost of doing business many times can't even put food on the tables.

Year after year, the United States is at the top of every list of consumption statistics. Food, fuel, energy, medicine, products, raw materials. The thing is, we are not the biggest country in the world, and virtually every one of us is in the top 95% of the most wealthy people in the world. We spend enough money on ice cream every year to end world hunger, its that simple.

And we all know the United States systematically exterminated the American Indians. Those they did not kill were force marched to the worst land in the country and interned there on what they called "reservations". They might as well have been Auschwitz or Dachau.

There are so many more of these things. Conspiracy theorists think that it will be bad if we become like other countries, but the thing is, we aren't always that great to begin with. Conservative Americans think that becoming like Europe for instance is akin to giving up everything American. But there are several European countries I am quite fond of. Iceland has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Denmark has the greatest percent of total energy production that comes from wind. Germany has the most wind power of any country in the world. Spain has a new energy technology in testing that uses a big vertical pipe to generate power from rising air. Germany also has on of the best standards in the world for home building, called passivhaus, the houses are so well built, they only need the heat generated by kitchen appliances to stay warm all winter. Sweden is phasing out fossil fuels. Iceland plans to be energy independent from the rest of the world in just a few decades.

Truth be told, our government is inherently corrupt, but you know, so is every other government that has ever existed. They have risen and fallen for thousands of years, and we are still here. Christians have survived the fall of Rome, the fall of Israel, the fall of Hitler, the slow descent of the English monarchy, and many countless persecutions. It has been estimated that over 65,000,000 Christians have been martyred over the past two millenniums. And you know what, there are still 2,000,000,000 of them. It used to be that Christians were typically white people. But that is changing, worldwide, the average Christian is now a poor brown person.

Despite what Christians are told by the religious (and non religious) right, the United States is not nor has ever been a Christian nation. It was not founded as such, in fact, Thomas Jefferson looked forward to the day when people didn't believe in Jesus. They were deists, who wanted freedom of religion, which is a noble cause, but they were not Christians, and I would never have most of them speak at my church. Most of them wouldn't come to my church.

As a Christian, you can never ever trust any human government. But unless they want to force you to disobey God's law, then you must obey them. If that means we end up communist, then so be it. If we end up socialist, then so be it.

The US is $9,147,367,793,650.88 in debt. The estimated population of the United States is 303,859,060 so each citizen's share of this debt is $30,103.98. How much fun would it be if you had that much debt hanging over your household? If you have a household of four, then your debt is over $120,000. That's on top of your mortgage and other bills. What am I saying here? Debt is not a Christian value. Check the US national debt clock. It went up $300,000,000 whilst I was writing this.

Jesus said "I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more." Luke 12:4 Who has the right to reign? Who shall we fear? Don't fear mortal governments and temporal inconveniences. You are not only right by putting your trust in Jesus, but you need fear nothing. So who cares if the NAU is a reality or not. It really doesn't matter. George W. Bush is not in charge, Vincente Fox is not in charge, Queen Elizabeth II (the technical ruler of Canada) is definitely not in charge. Jesus is in charge.

Just the facts ma'am.

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