Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Important Question

Is it stealing? Is it a sin?

Lately, I have been swiping Jehovah's Witnesses printed materials from benches and bus stops and whatnot. Now, if I was actually interested in the material, this would be ok, but I'm not, well a little, but not for any eternal reasons.

The only reason I'm swiping all these Watchtowers and Awake!s is that I don't want anyone to read them, not just to hog them to myself, but i really dont want ANYONE to read them.'

Is it wrong to do this? I've asked several people, and have not gotten a straight answer. Here's my logic. It's not stealing because no one owns them, and they were left in the open for the specific purpose of being picked up by someone, however, not for the reasons I pick them up.

Anyway, I've decided that it is part of my covert plan to make sure there are fewer JW's in the future. Not that I want to kill them or anything, I just believe that their particular brand of religion is the same brand that Jesus decried when he said that the pharasees weighed the people down and didn't lift a finger to help them, and in the end, they were twice the sons of hell that the pharasees were. That's my perspective on the thing.

Have a great day, and throw some errant literature away today, it might save someone's soul.


JustMe said...


It's left without cost so that anyone who's interested can read it, regardless of finances.
But, it cost money to produce.

Would you be so apt to destroy it, if you'd had to pay for it first?

Have you ever read Awake! ? It covers topics of general interest, points out evidence of a creator and draws attention practical lessons found in the Bible.

(It doesn't even really deal with doctrine.)

There've been articles, for example, with practical suggestions on protecting your children from pedophiles. (Maybe you saved some parent from reading that!)

I'm surprised you'd even need to ask this question.
But, it's more disturbing that no one's given you a reasonable answer.


Maybe, Awake! will have an article,...

WiredForStereo said...

If I believe something is falsehood, that leads essentially to damnation, is it not my duty to do my best to make sure no one sees it? That's the question here. I already try to expose it for what it is as much as possible, but this is another step.

I have read Awake! I have a collection of them now. They may be written under the guise of not being doctrinal, but it's just that, a disguise. I just pulled out a copy from my shelf and surprise, surprise, its main story is doctrinal after all.

The stuff is written for a 12 year old, there's little in there that a thinking person doesn't already know anyway. If you want in depth knowledge of the world, read National Geographic, get on Wikipedia, you'll find more there than anywhere. Awake! is lightweight stuff.

And to answer your first question, I wouldn't be as apt to destroy it if I paid for it, but I didn't pay for it, because it's a waste of money anyway. It leads to falsehood, and a false hollow religion. So my interest is in doing my best to make sure as few people read it as possible, so I have to do less work in proving it false.