Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Blog Reboot

Dear followers, those of you that still exist.

Congratulations!  You've managed to still be following this blog more than two years after the latest post!

I've gone through a lot of emotional and life changes in the last few years.  I moved to Denver, then now to Medford Oregon, and then again to another place in Medford Oregon.  I lost a job, got a new job, quit that job and now been unemployed for almost a year.

And that's caused a few changes in life.

So, I call myself an Adventurer now, and a stay at home dad, and a beekeeper too.  My idea of this being a politics blog never took form.  And before that, a religion blog, and a renewable energy blog, and pretty much a lot of other topics.  Just look at the word cloud to the left.

So this is my adventure blog now.  These are my adventures.  All the time I try to do new things, experience new experiences, enhance my intellect by simply taking actions that I've never taken before, eating new foods, visiting new places, jumping off new bridges, driving new routes, sitting on new toilets.

So come along with me.  Maybe you can live vicariously through me.  Send in suggestions, I will do as many things as I can.  And if you help me get there and pay for them, I'll be that much more likely to do them.

And this being about me stuff, that's a new thing too.  This blog used to be anonymous.  Now it's me.  Let's try that.

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