Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Review: Temple Grandin starring Claire Danes

I've been following Dr. Temple Grandin the person for several years.  Well, let me qualify that, she's over fifty already anyway.  She didn't just get discovered or anything, she designed the handling facilities for half the cattle slaughtering houses in the country.  She's an autistic who has the ability to remember in pictures and has used her abilities to change the way we deal with animals on the way to slaughter.  I have heard a number of interviews with her and a presentation or two that she's given.  She's a very brilliant person.

To the movie.

Now this is acting.  Acting is worthless when you're just watching the person on screen in some form of themselves.  Claire Danes is brilliant in this film.  Her portrayal of Grandin is very close, her mannerisms, speech patterns, and tone.  She's not perfect, but it's hard to know exactly since the good doctor is a bit older now.  When I heard her opening line in the movie, I said "That's not how Temple Grandin talks, but it's close enough."  Of course Danes portrays her when she was much younger than she is now.  Grandin herself in the special features remarks as to how close Danes' portrayal is.

This is one of those stories you wouldn't believe if it wasn't real.  Grandin has done so much with her life, and she came from a time when autistic children were more often than not institutionalized.  She was the first person to explain what it was like to be autistic.

I absolutely loved this movie and I would recommend it to anyone, and in fact, you should really see it. 



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