Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Find some common ground in the abortion debate.

I was out mowing the lawn today and as usual, I was thinking of ways to solve problems in the world, because that's what I do.

So here's what I came up with.

The abortion debate as you know is a heated one, and I feel that most of the discord comes from both sides' unwillingness to actually do anything about the problem. Secondly, both sides are entirely unwilling to come together to solve the problem and are unwilling to make any sort of concession or give up any power.

First the democrats. The democrats need to stop fighting so much for choice and start fighting for social change. We need the kind of social change that tells a young woman that there are better options than killing the baby. The democrat mission statement or whatever it is says safe, legal, and rare. We have save and legal, let's actually work on rare now.

To get anywhere, the conservatives must give up control. What I mean by control is that conservatives seem to want to go about the problem by controlling everything, especially things they got no business controlling. They must give up the gay marriage debate. That single issue is the one that tells the rest of the world that conservatives (and by extension Christians) want to control you and what you do in your own private life. There is no scriptural basis for such a supposition. Sinners will sin, and Christians must allow sinners to do what sinners do. It is not nor has ever been our job to with the law correct others' sinful behavior. Remember, the major corrections meted out by Jesus were all directed toward the religious leaders of the day.

Unfortunately, the conservatives are not going to win this battle. You cannot legislate your version of morality. You cannot call someone immoral simply because they disagree with your version of morality. In case you have missed it, over time, governments and laws just about always trend in the liberal direction. It's the new, the progress, the adventure in people. We find new and better ways to do things, and so we do them in those ways. The old, the tried and true things will slowly pass away. The key is to work within the progress to affect positive change.

Do what's best, work together.


vlntine82 said...

You say in the post "Sinners will sin, and Christians must allow sinners to do what sinners do. It is not nor has ever been our job to with the law correct others' sinful behavior."; however, this is not entirely true. There are plenty of laws that correct others' sinful behavior. Take murder for instance. The Bible is very clear that murder is wrong and it is a sin. It is also against the law. Could you please clarify what you mean/.

WiredForStereo said...

We live by God's law written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we cannot legislate the following of God's law because it is unwritten.

In society, homosexuality is not illegal, but it is against God's law. How can we make illegal something that has little to do with crime?

Christians were never meant to be law makers. We are law followers. We cannot legislate our religion on other people. Because that is when religion oversteps its bounds.

The punishment for murder is not correction, it is not discipline, it is punishment because murder is so heinous. Murder is also counter to all sorts of natural laws as well, while homosexuality only serves to halt the reproduction of those who practice it. According to natural selection, they should be gone within a few generations as they do not reproduce.

But homosexuality is not a genetic thing is it? That's why it doesn't go away.