Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movie Review: Get Smart

Okay, I went into this with the expectation that I'd be seeing some cross between Michael Scott and James Bond. It turned out to be more like all of Michael Scott's best traits crossed with Johnny English.

This was a great movie, I do recommend seeing it. There was not much swearing, but what there was was not TV acceptable which was interesting, a few a*holes and a few s words here and there, and most to comedic effect. There were no sexual situations, no blood, no graphic violence. There was however, Steve Carell's naked butt or maybe it was a stunt butt, I don't know.

I'll give this movie an extra point just for having a Patrick Warburton cameo, so it will come in at 8/10. I did really enjoy it, it was funny, but I think I should have seen it in a digital theater for better visual experience, I think the conversion to film kinda messed it up. My advice is to go see it in a digital theater.


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