Saturday, January 5, 2008

Skystream 3.7 at Wal Mart in Lowell Arkansas

I just discovered the other week that for some reason, Wal Mart has put up a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine in the parking lot of their Lowell Arkansas store. This makes two wind turbines that I know of in Arkansas now.

The Skystream is a pretty decent machine, it is a direct to grid style turbine, with the inverter actually built into the nacelle. It is rated for 1.8 kw and peaks at 2.3 kw. Being a small direct to grid style turbine, it will not make any power when the power is out, it will stop. Notice there is no tail, the blades actually trail the nacelle instead of being in front of it. This does reduce the efficiency a smidge, but it eliminates a few parts. Southwest Wind Power advertises that this turbine can make power for cheaper than you can pay for it which is a good thing, especially as energy prices rise.

Interestingly enough, they actually installed it on top of a light pole.

Now, if they'd just finish off the rest of the parking lot, they'd have something going.


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