Monday, April 2, 2007


It can be so hard to build a house.

I understand why there are things like permits, it's to stop people building unsafe buildings, and things like that, but the laws are so far behind.

Case: I had heard it may be difficult to get permits for composting toilets and accompanying gray water treatment systems, but I hadn't realized how far behind some of the regulations were. The Alternate Systems Manual, which has to do with systems other than the standard septic systems, was last updated in 1993. What? I know this is Arkansas, but come on. Fortunately, there still his a half page section (out of like 100) that speaks of composting toilets, even though it has incinerating toilets classified in the same category. So, like many other states, I'll have to file something like a request for an "experimental" waste water treatment system, though they are far from experimental, or even new.

I can only hope that the guy stamping the approvals has either enough experience with composting toilets to stamp it, or is too stupid to know the difference, and stamp it anyway.

Stone Aged,

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